This test helps us to place you in the correct level on your first day of class, so you must do this without help from anybody or use of a study aid. There are two parts to the test.

By taking the test now, you will save time on your first day and can start your class sooner.

  1. Enter your student information below
  2. Do part one of the test Ė 35 minutes to answer 70 questions.
  3. An instant result for part one will be sent to your email address and your agentís email address
  4. Your class details will be sent to you before you arrive in London
  5. Go on to do part two of your test. Your teacher will use this to make sure you are in the right level class

Please note, you can only take the test once.

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If you cannot take the test, please contact us, or your agent.

We look forward to meeting you in London!